Finance and Accounting

Hiring of HAUS LEGAL as accounting service provider, the main benefits for clients are the abandonment of expenses related with organization of the internal accounting department, recruitment of a qualified accountant, accounting software and hardware.

HAUS LEGAL ensures the following accounting services:
Full service accounting using modern software;
Preparation of the company's accounting policy based on the specifics of the client's business;
Checking of initial records, drawing up of accounts and registration;
Drawing up and printing of accounting documents and reports;
Preparation and submission of tax reports to the State Revenue Service (SRS);
Representing the company in SRS (tax issues, comparison of reports, etc.);
Preparation of other supporting documents (acts, reports, orders);
Personnel records;
Preparation and submission of statistical reports to the Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia;
Preparation of annual reports;
Working with auditors;
Providing financial information to the management of company;
Accounting, financial and tax consultancy;
Provision of the actual information:
  • Profit or loss statements for the selected period;
  • List of creditors and debtors to the date;
  • Balance to current date;
  • Cash flow statement for the selected period;
  • Tax Payment Planning Report.